Duet/Trio (Duets/Trios compete against each other) 

Small Groups (4-9 dancers)

Large Group (10-15 dancers) 

Line (16+ dancers) 

Production (16+ dancers) 



Although we do not penalize for exceeding the suggested time limitations, we encourage choreographers to stay within them. 


Solos- 2:45

Duos/Trios- 3:00

Small Groups- 3:00

Large Groups- 3:00

Lines- 4:00

Productions- 8:00





Entry fees are available for Studio Owners and/or Directors only upon request. Contact Misty at 





Dancers’ ages are determined by their age per January 1st of the competition year. 

To determine the age division per piece entered, the average age will be taken, dropping the decimal point. Performers will be responsible to provide proof of age if the occasion should arise. 


Minis: 8 & under

Jrs: 9-12

Teens: 13-15

Srs: 16-19

Adult: 20 & up 





Music can be uploaded electronically. Please log into your account to upload your electronic music files. Should a malfunction occur, please provide one of the following as a backup: A USB, iPod or CD. 


Music which has recorded tap sounds is NOT allowed. 

Please refrain from using music with profanity and/or that is not age appropriate. 




The Movement leaves it to the studio owners discretion to properly place your students in the appropriate competitive level. We strongly suggest that you take their overall ability and dedication to training into consideration. We also recommend factoring in their self confidence and performance ability. 



Elite is our most advanced category for the more accomplished dancer. Performers should portray abilities gained through their extensive experience in training, performing and competing. 



The Prestige level is for dancers having some training and performance experience. They are active in their training, working hard toward become Elite. 



A Novice dancer may be newer to dance or simply be pursuing dance recreationally. Performers in this category are NOT eligible for cash prizes. 


Dancers may not compete in more then 2 competitive levels. This excludes solos, which performers may only enter in 1 competitive level. 

For entries with multiple competitive levels, the default competition level will be that of the majority of dancers. i.e.) If there are 6 Elite and 4 Prestige, the piece will qualify for the Elite competitive level. For those which have an equal number of performers for 2 different competitive levels, the piece will qualify for the higher of the 2 levels. i.e.) 7 Prestige and 7 Novice, the piece will qualify for the competitive level of Prestige. 





Acro/Gymnastics: Movement should be composed of 50% or more tumbling/contortion elements and should incorporate dance technique. 


Ballet: Movement must be that of either classical or contemporary ballet styles. Acro elements are not permitted. 


Character: Movement can be of any style as long as the character is easily recognizable and they are telling a story. Ex) A super hero, an angel, Dorothy etc. 


Clogging: Movement should execute clogging technique in a lively, rhythmic fashion. The majority of the choreography for each piece MUST be clogging technique and the students MUST wear clogging shoes. 


Contemporary: Movement should consist of a combination of ballet, jazz & modern techniques, as well as other movement techniques, textures and choreographer’s/dancer’s personal style. Dancers should express themselves emotionally while interpreting the music.  Their movement should tell a story to the audience. 


Folk/Ethnic: Movement should portray that of an ethnic/folk style. Ex) Chinese, Latin, Russian, Irish Dance etc.


Hip hop: Movement must be Urban, Street, and Underground techniques. Including but not limited to- breaking, popping, locking, tutting, waving, old school (80s/90s), tipping, whacking, vogueing… 


Jazz: Movement must consist of jazz technique ranging from Katherine Dunham, Gus Giordino, Fosse, Burlesque and Jazz Funk styles. 


Lyrical: Movement should consist of a combination of ballet, jazz techniques. Performers should express themselves emotionally while interpreting the music.  Their movement should tell a story to the audience. 


Modern: Movement should contain interpretive & abstract choreography, while maintaining a balletic foundation.  Movement should reflect styles of those such as dance legends Martha Graham, Twyla Tharp… 


Musical Theater: Movement should incorporate any style reflecting that of a Broadway Show, Musical Motion Picture or Television Show. 


Open: Movement that includes multiple styles. **If a SOLO has more then 5 acro tricks, it must be entered in the OPEN category. Multiple acro elements done in a tumbling pass will be considered 1 trick. 


Pointe: Movement must be that of either classical or contemporary pointe techniques. Performers must wear pointe shoes. Acro elements are not permitted. This style is only permitted for Prestige & Elite levels. 


Pom-Pom/Drill: Movement should reflect that of cheer/drill technique. Routines should be precise, crisp and clean. Multiple creative formation changes and patterns are encouraged. Pom-poms are not required. 


Tap: Movement may comprise of Classical Tap, Soft Shoe, and Hoofing styles. The majority of the choreography for each piece MUST be tap technique and the students MUST wear tap shoes. No recorded tap sounds are allowed in the music.  


Twirling: Movement should reflect that of rhythmic gymnastics and color guard, incorporating dancing and gymnastics while twirling a baton.


Student Choreography: Movement of any dance style, where a student may express themselves artistically and demonstrate their ability as a blooming choreographer. We will proved valuable feedback to help them develop their choreography skills. The Movement is proud to be a part of this learning process. We will help them harness their potential. **Student Choreography is NOT eligible for high score or cash awards.


**If a SOLO has more then 5 : tricks, it must be entered in the OPEN category. Multiple acro elements done in a tumbling pass will be considered 1 trick. 





Each performance will be critiqued on the following 5 elements:


Quality of Movement - 30

Technique - 30

Stage Presence/Costume - 20

Precision - 10

Choreography - 10 


At each regional competition there is a panel of 3 judges. Each judge can award to 100 points. All adjudications are final. Score sheets will be emailed to the studio owner/director at the conclusion of the competition weekend. 

The combined scores of each judges shall determine the placement of each performance. The Movement scoring system is as follows:




Ties will not be broken in the general competition, but shall be broken for high score, overall and other special awards. In the event of a tie, the highest technique score, of the routines in consideration, will be the tie breaker. If there is a tie within the technique scores, the tie will be broken by the judges discretion. All tie breaks are final. 






Each act will be awarded a plaque. For all performances having more then one dancer, each student will receive an individual pin. 



The Movement will present 4 Specialty Awards during each awards ceremony. Those honors are: 1. Movement Quality, 2. Technique, 3. Costume, 4. Choreography. 





The Movement will recognize and award the top 10 highest scoring performances in each division of competition for every age division. A FULL Scholarship will be presented to the dancer who places 1st Overall High Score. HALF Scholarships will be presented to the 2nd and 3rd place Overall High Score winners.  

**Full and Half Scholarships may be redeemed and applied toward either:

         1. The following season's solo entry fee

         2. The Movement Convention

Top Placement Qualifications:

15 dancer and up in a division, The Movement will award a Top 10.

14 - 10 dancers in a division, The Movement will award a Top5.

9 - 5 dancers in a division, The Movement will award a Top 3.

4 - 1 dancers in a division, The Movement will award a Top1.


If a performer is competing more then 1 solo, only their highest scoring solo may place in top 10.

All adjudications by judges are final. 




At every regional competition The Movement gives away over $3000.00 in CASH PRIZES! 


Dancers in the Novice category of the solo division of competition are not eligible for cash awards for placing in the top 10. 


Dancers that place 1st overall within the Prestige category of the solo division of competition will be awarded a cash prize of $50.00


Dancers that place 1st overall within the Elite category of the solo division of competition will be awarded a cash prize of $100.00

*For cash prizes to be awarded in the solo category, there must be a minimum of a Top 3 overall




At every regional competition The Movement will recognize the top 5 studios competing in the Elite Level of competition in each city we host. To qualify for the THE IMPACT AWARDS a studio must compete at least 5 non-solo routines. For all Elite studios that qualify, The Movement will determine the 5 top studios by figuring the average of each qualifying studios top 5 non-solo routines, across the entire weekend of competition. In the event that there are not at least 5 Elite Studios that qualify for THE IMPACT AWARDS, qualifying Prestige Level Studios will be made eligible to place for THE IMPACT AWARDS. From the qualifying Studios we will rank them from 5th-1st and award them substantial cash prizes! 


5th place will be awarded a $100.00 cash Prize

4th place will be awarded a $250.00 Cash Prize

3rd place will be awarded a $500.00 Cash Prize 

2nd place will be awarded a $750.00 Cash Prize

1st place, being named the Impact Champion, will be awarded a $1000.00 Cash Prize


***(All Impact Award Prizes are given as MVMNT credits for the following Regional Competition  seasons)




Studio owners/Directors may inquire about our studio rebate program via email and/or by calling The Movement home office.  ~ All Qualified Deposits are Non-refundable ~


Phone: 818-209-7961






There will be a professional photographer/videographer on site during the show, whom you can purchase photos/videos of your performance(s) from. Personal photography or videography with ANY type of electronic device is STRICTLY PROHIBITED. Please respect other choreographers and performers. The Movement has the right to remove anyone from the show who does not adhere to this rule. Thank you for understanding. 





Registration can be completed online  

No changes can be made to entries once the event is closed. 


Acceptable Methods of Payment 

Via Phone: Credit Cards. 

Via Mail: Business Checks, Cashiers Checks, Money Orders, & Credit Cards. 

Via Online: Credit Cards.



There is a 3.5% processing fee for credit cards. 

There is a $25 fee for all returned checks and denied credit cards. 

Registration by FAX is not accepted. 




The Movement accepts late entries. After registration has closed, late fees will apply. Between 29-1 days before the show, a late fee of $25 will be added to the total amount per entry. 





All entry fees are non-refundable. In the case of a dancer getting injured or sick prior to competition the entry fee will be credited to the studio for the following season of regional competition, as long as a doctors note is presented to The Movement staff. In the unlikely event of a cancelation of competition, The Movement  will do everything it can to find a suitable alternative in your area for your dancers to compete, if such alternative is not found The Movement will refund monies paid. 





The Movement will email studio owners/directors the schedule 7-10 days prior to the competition. 

The schedule is always subject to change.

Please be prepared to perform routines at least 90 minutes ahead of your scheduled time. 





The maximum height for all props is 10 feet. 

There is a TOTAL of 5 min maximum for set up/break down of all props on the stage. 

All props must be labeled with the studio name. 

The studio is responsible for cleaning the stage after the performance in less then 1 minute. 

If the marley is DAMAGED beyond repair by a prop, the studio is responsible for the cost of damages incurred. 

The following materials are NOT ALLOWED: liquid, glitter, paint, gel, flammable materials, aerosols or any other hazardous materials.  If you have questions about a particular prop please call The Movement home office. 

Rosen is NOT ALLOWED on shoes or on the Marley.

There is NO storage of props in the wings. Performers must be able to enter/exit stage easily. 

There is NO storage of props back stage if space does not permit. If space allows it is welcome. 

Load in/out of props must be done the SAME DAY as the performance. 

The Movement is NOT responsible for any props left unattended and/or over night. 

Any props left behind at the conclusion of the show at the end of the weekend will be discarded. 





Studio Owners/Directors are responsible for turning in a release form for every student performing in The Movement Dance Competition.  Release forms are due at the time of registration. 





All performances MUST be age appropriate and for family viewing. 

Admission to the competition is FREE.  

No food/drink/smoking is allowed inside the venue.  





The art of free movement, inspired on the spot, is where a dancer can really express themselves artistically. And it is requested at nearly every audition in the professional dance industry in both L.A. and NYC.  

Just before each awards ceremony The Movement will hold an improv audition. It is run exactly like a professional audition so the students get a taste of the professional dance industry.

Sign up will be at the merchandise table the event. There is NO online registration for this audition. Each age division will have their own improv audition.