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BRIANNA FIELDS,  is from Los Angeles, beginning her training under ballet masters from Ballet Russe, ABT, Kirov Ballet, Paris Opera Ballet. After receiving a full scholarship to ABT, she went on to dance with the Pennsylvania Ballet & performed as a principal dancer for companies including State Street Ballet of Santa Barbara, Los Angeles Classical Ballet, Pacific Festival Ballet, & LA Opera, where she was also the asst. rehearsal director as well as asst. choreographer to Mr. Stefan Wenta & Jamal Story of Complexions Contemporary Ballet. Living in L.A., she began to work professionally in film & television. Some of her credits include: Cirque Du Soleil, Dancing With The Stars, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Castle, Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Viva Laughlin, Deal or No Deal, MTV Movie Awards, Emmy Awards, Wicked, Fame- European Tour, Burger King, Mercedes-Benz, Honda, Budweiser, Pepsi, Macy’s, Apple, MAC, GM & Disney. She worked with notables such as Brad Pitt, John Legend, Melanie Griffith & Death Cab for Cutie to name a few. She is currently on staff with an organization who provides classes to inner-city kids who would otherwise never had the opportunity to learn to dance. She also assists the Dir/Chorographer at the LA OPERA. Brianna loves to teach and is very excited to pass on all of her incredible knowledge and joy of dance.

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